Why Prefabricated Running Tracks Are Used Many Times at the Olympics?

The Olympic Games epitomize athletic prowess, with the running track emerging as a pivotal, albeit understated, element influencing athletes’ performances. In recent years, a deliberate shift towards the utilization of prefabricated running tracks has become evident at the Olympics.

Here is the list of Olympic Games where prefabricatedrunning tracks were used:

  • Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
  • London 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
  • Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics
  • Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics
  • Tokyo 2020/2021 Summer Olympics

Among them, the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, London 2012 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics and Tokyo 2020/2021 Summer Olympics use prefabricated rubber running tracks from the well-known brand Mondo. And the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics uses prefabricated rubber flooring mat produced by our Huadong Track.

Opening Ceremony Of Sochi Winter Olympic Games-

This strategic choice is underpinned by a fusion of factors, each instrumental in enhancing the overall success of  the Games. So why did they choose a prefabricated rubber running track for the Olympics instead of other tracks? Let’s introduce the reasons from the advantages of prefabricated running track, especially prefabricated rubber running track.

The Advantages of Prefabricated Running Track

Prefabricated running tracks have revolutionized athletic infrastructure, incorporating meticulous design to address the biomechanical needs of athletes. The following advantages elucidate why these tracks have become the preferred choice for professional sports:

1. Biomechanical Considerations

The three-dimensional mesh internal structure of prefabricated rubber tracks ensures exceptional elasticity, strength, toughness, and shock absorption. This design effectively minimizes athlete muscle fatigue and micro-injuries, prioritizing athlete well-being.

2. Professionalism

Combining sports science and material science, the prefabricated running track adopts factory prefabricated technology, which can fully meets and reflect the performance needs of sports participants for the track, and can also meet the testing standards of  the  WA.

3. Weather-Resistant and Durable

The upper layer, made of high-glue-content, high-density, and highly elastic technological formula, exhibits long-term resistance to ultraviolet light and changing weather conditions. The pressed litchi pattern surface design enhances anti-slip and anti-wear properties, ensuring durability under diverse climate conditions.

4. Environmental Friendliness

The prefabricated rubber track, constructed from environmentally friendly natural and synthetic rubber, eliminates toxic and harmful substances from its materials. During construction, the use of a small amount of environmentally friendly glue ensures a fast, safe, and eco-friendly bonding process, prioritizing the well-being of sports participants.

5. Impact Absorption and Safety

The elastic-plastic structure of the bottom layer, coupled with micro-air cushions and reinforcement ribs, offers effective shock absorption, smooth energy transition, and continuous energy feedback. This unique design enhances sports performance while ensuring safety, making it suitable for professional competitions.

6. Excellent Weather Resistance

Prefabricated rubber tracks exhibit excellent resistance to acid rain, alkali, ultraviolet rays, and mold under normal climate conditions. The tracks maintain anti-skid performance in wet conditions, meeting the stringent requirements of professional competitions even in challenging weather.

7. Convenience of Installation and Longevity

Prefabricated rubber tracks, pre-formed in the factory, require minimal manpower and machinery for installation on a dense foundation. The convenience of installation, coupled with the longevity of more than ten years, makes these tracks a cost-effective and efficient choice for sports facilities.

8. Customization

Prefabricated running tracks offer a level of customization that allows organizers to tailor the track to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the track’s banked curves or incorporating specific technologies for timing and measurement, prefabricated tracks provide a flexible solution that can be adapted to the unique needs of each Olympic event.

The professionalism, safety features, environmental consciousness, weather resistance, and ease of installation contribute to the widespread adoption of prefabricated rubber tracks in professional sports. While the initial investment may be higher due to the use of high-quality materials, the long-term benefits, including durability and performance retention, make them a valuable investment in the realm of athletic infrastructure.

About Huadong Track—— Prefabricated Rubber Running Track Manufacturer

Excellent Professional Capabilities

Our distinction as the track supplier for the 2014 Sochi Olympics speaks volumes about our prowess in prefabricated runway development. This experience not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also demonstrates our enduring capabilities in delivering top-tier solutions for major sporting events.

Complete Production and Testing Equipment

Drawing upon the accumulated expertise in rubber technology from Huadong Holdings Group Co. Ltd, a renowned rubber product manufacturer established in 1988, HuadongTrack boasts robust technical development capabilities and employs state-of-the-art equipment for inspection and testing purposes.

Provide One-Stop Engineering Services

As a distinguished manufacturer specializing in precast rubber tracks, our company has been delivering comprehensive services since its inception. Our offerings encompass everything from on-site foundation surveys and strategic advice to project design and engineering paving. To date, our team of seasoned engineers has been deployed internationally, providing professional pavement coaching on over 100 occasions.

If you are interested in prefabricated rubber running tracks, please feel free to consult us!





Huadong Holding Group, a famous rubber products manufacturer in China, was founded on 1988.


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